7:30AM Bus arrives at Thrasher Bus Terminal (Casino Parking Lot) $5 Parking Fee
8:00AM Bus departs Thrasher Bus Terminal
8:15AM Bus arrives at 5 Points West Library (Parking Lot)
8:30AM Bus departs 5 Points West Library
8:45AM Bus arrives at Bessemer Wal-Mart
9:15AM Bus arrives at Tuscaloosa (Lowes: by storage buildings)
12:00PM Bus arrives at the Silver Star Casino
5:30PM Bus departs the Silver Star Casino
7:30PM Bus arrives back at Tuscaloosa-Lowes
8:15PM Bus arrives back at Bessemer Wal-Mart
8:30PM Bus arrives back at 5 Points West Library
9:00PM Bus arrives back at Thrasher Bus Terminal

The trip takes 3½ hours each way. You have 6 hours in the Casino.

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