Thrasher Brothers Trailways’ response to the COVID-19 crisis is to follow CDC guidelines in the transportation industry, and to work with our drivers and customers to ensure that safety and enhanced cleaning protocols are followed.

Thrasher Trailways is a member of United Motorcoach Association, and is participating in UMA’s “AssurClean” program. This includes employee education about COVID-19 risk of exposure and prevention strategies. The AssurClean program is being adopted by hundreds of bus companies nationwide as the standard for the motorcoach industry.

Thrasher Trailways follows CDC recommendations and cleans with hospital grade disinfectants approved by the EPA to kill SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19). Common touch surfaces are wiped down each day/evening after passengers disembark. Hand sanitizer is provided by the entrance door and in the restroom.

Upon return to the TBT home garage, motorcoaches are thoroughly cleaned throughout, concentrating on common touch surfaces such as handrails and armrest, wiping down with approved disinfectants. After the interior and restroom are cleaned and mopped each coach is treated with a “Victory” electrostatic sprayer to reach every area of the coach interiors. The Victory product is a devise currently used by most airlines. This ensures the coach has been completely sanitized before each trip.

We recommend everyone sit in the same seat for each trip segment to lessen the chances of someone infecting another person. We request that no one sit directly behind or across from the driver on the front row for his protection. There are currently no CDC guidelines for passenger capacity, therefore we encourage teams or groups to consider their own policies for appropriate passenger capacity. We recommend group leaders take passenger’s temperatures on the day of departure.

The driver will be wearing a face mask for the duration of the trip, and we encourage all passengers to do the same. Previously drivers stood by the door to assist passengers loading or unloading. Presently the driver has been instructed to stand away from the door while passengers load, be the last one on board to step into the driver’s area, and to be the first one off the coach and stand away from the door while passengers exit. Drivers will supervise loading of luggage, but will not be handling individual bags. Prior arrangements should be made if assistance is needed. Again, this is for every driver’s reasonable protection from various passengers.

Thrasher Brothers Trailways’ protocol for staff members includes educational materials regarding the CDC guidelines about thorough hand washing, face coverings, and disinfecting personal work areas. Office and maintenance workers are informed about symptoms of Covid related sickness, and are instructed not to come to work under any circumstance if they are exhibiting any signs associated with the onset of cold, flu, or any other symptoms, such as fever or shortness of breath. Staff members are checked for a temperature upon arrival at work, and individual work stations are sanitized at the end of each day. Drivers who have tested positive during their furlough are required to furnish proof of negative results before being allowed to return to work duty status.

Although each situation will depend on circumstances during travel, a guest may become ill during the course of a trip. Our driver will request that the group leader make immediate arrangements to isolate that guest from the rest of the group, and to work to get the guest to a medical facility as soon as possible.